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Agosto 21, 2021

Windows Server 2022 and Azure Stack HCI: Microsoft is slowly attempting to murder Windows Server – part 1

Microsoft released Windows Server 2022 a few weeks ago. It did so earlier than expected, which is pretty odd, but it seems that the development of new features was already complete and mature so there was no point to wait a few months more. The last sentence pretty much explains the current status of Windows Server: so few changes, albeit interesting ones, that the product can be released months earlier than planned and without much fanfare.

While generally speaking the development of new features and functionalities for server applications mostly moved out of the base operating system and while we can also concede that Windows Server has many features at the OS level so [...]

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Giugno 16, 2020

L'agent di Acronis, Windows Server Core e problemi di connessione SSL

Avevamo capito prima di procederre cosa fosse successo alle due macchine ma quella spiegazione è fuori dall’obbiettivo di questo post che si incentra su come poter recuperare velocemente da quella situazione.

Qualche giorno fa abbiamo riscontrato uno strano problema su un paio di server dopo avere aggiornato gli agent di Acronis. La console non consentirva più l’esecuzione del piano di backup, sia in modo automatico che manuale, segnalando che l’agent non era più registrato. Sembrava molto strano visto che avevamo effettuato aggiornamenti degli agent diverse volte in passato senza riscontrare alcun problema ma questa volta gli agent non riuscivano più a [...]

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Marzo 22, 2020

The little virtual machine that is crashing Hyper-V on AMD

At VaiSulWeb virtualization is so pervasive that basically there aren’t physical machines other than virtualization hosts or storage since about 2008 or 2009. That means about 10 years now. And counting. Microsoft Hyper-V served us very well and over time our reliance on that technology increased with happy results. It has been solid and consistent and allowed us to scale up more and more, adding new technologies and solutions and enabling us to virtualize roles and workloads that seemed a bit difficult to virtualize.

As many other providers, we recently started integrating AMD CPUs into our infrastructure, given the terrific advantages that those could bring to the [...]

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Novembre 2, 2019

How to containerize Windows Admin Center

Microsoft is investing a lot into its new Server Manager though Redmond is not encouraging that parallelism and often says that Windows Admin Center is not a 1-to-1 replacement for Server Manager. That is true because Server Manager and its underlying technology has a deeper connection with the operating system and it can be considered a platform while Winows Admin Center can be considered a very sophisticated shell that mostly works through WMI/Powershell connections.

However, Windows Admin Center is gaining a lot of traction and it’s quickly gaining support because its Web UI allows to embed important tasks into simple to access and to use [...]

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Windows Server 2022 and Azure Stack HCI: Microsoft is slowly attempting to murder Windows Server – part 1
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