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October 30, 2021

How to clear Powershell history (done right!)

You might find youserlf in a situation where you need to clear Powershell command history. For example, for us it was needed because we needed to prepare templates for virtual machines deployment and we needed to activate a specific software before finalizing the template.

Unfortunately you need to type a command to enter the code and activate the software and those templates could be used by our customers that might be able to retrieve the correct code by simply striking arrow-up. If you look for a solution you will find that Powershell has a specific command to do that:


However, you might find that this won’t solve your problem. Some [...]

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October 8, 2019

WordPress and MySQL: fixing the wp_options table

We had a weird problem when moving a WordPress website for a customer: after DUMPing it out of MySQL, we noted that the wp_options table had a problem, namely the table had no primary key and no index on the option_name field. We noted that because the WordPress website, once moved, looked akward and wrong, missing some key pieces and it also seemed to use settings that were old. The reason was that, with primary key missing, lots of duplicate records were stored inside the table and I’m pretty sure it was not what the website was meant to do. Field option_id was set to 0 in most cases when it should have been an auto-incremented integer plus it seemed [...]

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